The technical development is only useful after the surfer deeply understand the basic knowledge of initiation. The talent developed through hard work (training), aperfeiçoamo them innate skills with the development of training.

The role and support of parents and family or for adults to keep up with the children \ integrated and motivated daughters in a group of surfers, requires a receptive mindset. Parents are key to helping the travel to training throughout the year, make any additional filming to coach the technical assessments and provide other types of psychological, financial and logistical support that may arise throughout the season.

We will reward merit, effort, respect for the working group and individual sacrifice.
  • Treino performance

  • 2x training week: 145€ /month

    3x training week: 185€ /month

    • Training session counts with 90 minutes in water and 30 minutes of training analysis
    • Video analysis with 1x month report;
    • Surf training on the Estoril and Costa de Caparica and Praia Grande;
    • Training program Macrocycle (for competitors);
    • Training plans;
    • Viewing images on the beach (photos / videos)
    • SK8 Carver training


    • Video analysis with report 75€ each
    • Travel to Ericeira: 10€ day
    • Travel to Peniche: 15€ day


  • This service is directed to all those who have autonomy in the surf and who seek to evolve and accompanied with an element that motivates them to such.

    This training can last for a full day or half a day, choose your schedule and get in touch with Tomé.

    Detail of a training day:

    • 8:00 – Beginning of training
    • 8:15 – Surfers do the first surf session, (session is filmed for later analysis)
    • 10:30 – Analysis of filming, debate on aspects;
    • 12:00 – Lunch (not included in the price);
    • 13:30 – The surfers do the second training session to work on the aspects identified in the previous analysis with the aim of improving;
    • 15:30 – Analysis of the footage of the session and discussion of the improved points and those who need to continue working;
    • 16:30 – End of training.

    We can prepare a specific video of the training day for the surfer (additional cost) so that you can see and review at home before each surf session, this video acts as a kind of assistant coach, reminding the points to improve and how to do.

    Get in touch with Tomé.

    Value: 135€

  • PT


    If you want to improve your surfing in a shorter period of time, and you have a good level of surfing but you want to improve your technique, or if you think your surf has stabilized and stopped progressing, then this service is for you because it guarantees you individualized monitoring 100% focused on your needs.


    This private training session features 90 minutes of water and 30 minutes of training analysis.

    Get in touch with Tomé.

    Value: 75€ each training session


  • Winter training and surfing are a key step in the progression and continuous technical improvement of all surfers, from young to old.
  • All our students must be enrolled in the surf club and have the Portuguese surf federation’s sport insurance
  • * To the values presented plus VAT at the legal rate.