Sal Surfing School is a project born in April 2012, at the hands of Tomé and Silvia and, as the name implies, is a school of sliding sports activities both on land and in water, such as Surf, bodyboard, padlle, Sk8, etc.. therefore, includes three surfing disciplines in water and on land.

It was originally created with the name of “Soul Surf School”, but in 2015 decided to change the name, image and the way we communicate with our surfers, and hence resulting in what is now Salt Surfing School project and came to fill some gaps until then existing.

We believed Sal Surfing School as a way to address a gap that was felt in the market for surf schools. In other words, our goal was to create a school with its own methodology, with sense and bet on technical and pedagogical training of their coaches, supported in the literature while seated in an informal setting and close to its students and families. We have invested in students group classes but not in mass, identifying levels of learning and their age groups in order to create homogeneous groups and tailored to the specificities of each student. We at Sal Surfing School do not mix learning levels or too shoot ages because, above all, we intend to give an excellent environment where learning is a process and each student has their space and time to learn.

Sal Surfing School grew and became a very structured school where the values, rules and regulations are quite clear to all students and their families.

Sal Surfing School has been built and felt primarily as a family of lovers of the nature of sport, which is effectively. We like to be known for the attention and dedication we provide to our surfers as well as for security, personal relationships and ties created during the time we spent together, transmitting our knowledge to those in demand. We are not a school mass, but a small family where there is attention
plenty of all and for all.

To meet its goals and mission, SAL Surfing School really dedicates his time to teaching new sports in a personalized and professional manner made by professionals duly accredited by the competent institutions and the protection of these modalities and, even more, “accredited “the requirements that the SAL Surfing School establishing for itself and requires each of these professionals.

SAL methodology of teaching

There was the need to develop and create at the image of its technical director, five levels of learning for all students, always with the aim of giving the best tools and expertise to become autonomous, independent and responsible. Thus, SAL created five levels of learning: foams, freshmen, green, hopes and pros. For each of these levels there are goals to be met by our students that will enable them to evolve and move to the next level.


With regard to the benefits that these sports practices provide their practitioners, we must say that the Surfing incorporates sports that give us a sense of well being, improves our physical capacity, increase concentration levels and instills discipline and rules helps in motor coordination and, in the case of water sports, all known iodine benefits for the human body. Consisting of outdoor activities, give us the feeling of space and freedom that allows unwind in the shackles of stress that day to day in causes.

We also add that, as part of the SAL objectives the promotion of the general welfare of our surfers, taking advantage of natural resources and our climate in order to combine sport with nature, we are aware of the importance of community awareness, especially of the layers younger, for the environmental aspects and protection of our natural heritage, on the one hand, and on the other, the necessity of “us” sedentary lifestyle will rescue and widespread apathy.

In this sense, we find interesting enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and “natural” that the practice of surfing activities involves, to escape this apathy and make our students more people proactive, healthy, environmentally conscious, more responsible and involved in environmental protection .

Combining these sports, so fashionable at present and so closely linked to nature, with environmental protection and awareness activities, will enable explaining the importance of preserving the sea, the beach and surrounding areas a more attractive and also educational mode, enhancing the values and attitudes more geared towards the respect for nature.


We are a young team and in love with the sea, highly motivated and turn to your success, we want you to have the best experience with our lessons Surf / Bodyboard / Paddlle, we offer a service that goes beyond the classes, we will never leave you alone and we will give you all the tools so you can turn you into a true surfer “local Be, like the local” has all our experience to choose the best beaches for your day to day.

Ps: We only accept people who want to have fun at large.



I am the Head Coach and technical manager of Sal, I’m a surfing judge at the Portuguese Surfing Federation and Chairman of the Surfing Clube Ponta do Sal. I coordinate a multi-disciplinary team that has the best technical knowledge of its area and dominates the local wisdom to take you to the best spots. I am a very outgoing person and, has been said, that I’m addictive too. I am passionate about what I do and the beach is my life. Being a good teacher is my obsession. My championships are my students and my trophies are their successes, their smiles, their achievements, their friendship and the general recognition of all of them and their parents, which it is conveyed to me almost daily, either in person or by messages, for which I thank with all my heart.
I love roasted chicken, a cold beer in the evening and a good wine and cheese. My favourite spot/wave is the right of Bafureira (Point Break), Jails (Maldives Reef Breack) and Carcavelos (Beachbreak). I am the ideal person to have a barbecue; I really do love a good barbecue in the summer.


João Balola

Hello I’m Sílvia and i’m the one who deal with all paperwork and bureaucracy of Sal, ie i keep with all the fun work .
I do bodyboard since i was 17 years and hope to continue for many more years . My favorite wave is the one where I can enjoy myself more … and there are so many in Portugal !
I love the beach , sun and water (preferably salty ) … and a fresh sangria at the end of a hot day, at sunset with good company and some clams “a la Tomé”.