If you think the Surf / Bodyboard / Paddle are only for children or teens, you’re wrong!

We propose the adults from that of (> 35 years) who want to learn / improve performance in sport. Broadening knowledge of the conditions, speed, strength, endurance and technique required to surf more and better.

Remember surfing is characterized by an activity mediated and combined exercises that vary in intensity and duration involving various parts of the body with numerous periods of recovery. This, having assimilated the Surf practice time is 2-3 hours in free-surfing (Surf practiced for pleasure or training without competitive aspect) if good conditions for practice.

To interact with the sea, the surfer must respond to extended periods of exercise interspersed with a clear differentiation of upper body and lower body. Surfing also requires great cognitive and mental abilities in various environmental conditions to which will have to intervene. That is due to the unpredictability and uncertainty embedded in the natural variables, the Surfer has to be prepared for reading and understanding these changes so there is a fast motor response.

But you have to understand Surfing as a sport that above all requires specific motor skills; technical and mental fitness (tactical); and not least physical capacity.

  • Regular lessons to learn, improve and improve your Surfing



    75€ – 1x week

    130€ – 2x week

    180€ – 3x week


  • Packs you choose your schedule and your intensity of training

  • Surf / Bodyboard Packages

    *maximum duration of 6 months

    100€ – 4 classes

    *the student marks the class when there is a vacancy and spends the classes over the 6 months


Surf lessons include:
  • Viewing images on the beach (photos / video);
  • SK8 Carver training;
  •  Board;
  • Neoprene suit;
  • Sports Insurance;
  • Duration 2h.
  • Video Analysis with report: 75€ each
  • Travel to Costa de Caparica: 5€ day
  • Travel to Ericeira: 10€ day
  • Travel to Peniche: 15€ day

* To the values presented plus VAT at the legal rate.