Team Buildings


Sal Surfing School aims to be the ideal partner for your team building activities. We have all the options so that your company has the best and most relaxed day to this we provide several options, apart from the specific activity on the beach, you can also choose to have lunch, snack or dinner and / or have access to a large meeting room with capacity for 150 people seated with all the technology you need.

This is a good opportunity to “take the tie” and compete directly with management without prejudice.

Team Building is a process that facilitates the understanding of the goals and objectives of the companies, integrates and motivates its employees and ensures greater acceptance and adaptation to changes in the business environment.

Through dynamic and fun activities performed outside the workspace, participants share ideas, gather efforts, venture and experience emotions that make it possible to illustrate the main points and expertise to expand and develop personal and professional skills such as integration, motivation , communication, time management and resources, conflict resolution, creativity, dynamism, leadership and commitment.

nature sports, namely the slide and because of their contact with the air, the sea and nature, gives those who practice more autonomy, self-learning, orientation ability, respect, physical and mental stimulation and many times leisure and fun.

Although surfing is an individual activity is the learning experience of new concepts in group and the mutual encouragement that makes surfing an ideal activity for team building programs.